Moor care

The care and maintenance of the bog is a continuous process that we are constantly monitoring. The necessary measures are carried out as gently as possible and are under the supervision of our Gisela.

You may already know them from the nature tours, where you can learn a lot about the flora and fauna of the site. In the course of October 2019, trees and shrubs that were to be removed were currently marked.

The selection is made, among other things, according to the location of the tree (north or south side of the moor basin) and the necessary shade that is necessary for the moor, especially in summer.

Our work is in the period from mid-October to mid-April when no birds nest.

If you would like to learn more about the nature of the area, you are welcome to come for a nature tour. Sturdy footwear is a prerequisite. Just bring that along with your good mood.

Accessibility of the dams

The site consists of a number of pools in which the bog is stored. These basins are a characteristic feature of the site. The moor was brought in and out of the pools via these. These dams are gradually made accessible again in order to bring you closer to nature. This work has been running since summer 2019.

You can see the pools and dams on your train ride. You will then learn how these are used on the moor tour that begins at the moor station.

What happens to the wood and shrubbery?

The wood and shrub obtained during the work will continue to be used. Trees are cut to 1.35 m and are then available as fuel for your stove. Natural, it couldn't be more natural.

Lower-strength trees are also used as fence material in order to build barriers for your safety.

Shrubbery is transported to the edge of the site and integrated into the Benjes hedge. The hedge delimits the area on the one hand, but also allows game to enter and leave the area.

No material is wasted, everything is reused. The nature cycle remains intact.



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