It is time.... to keep moving April 5th 2020
(Because of the corona virus pandemie the start of the season may change - we update you!)

Sun is getting warmer and its time to bug winter away. What can be better as to make an open-ait train ride? We have the cars, you are the good mood. Come on over!

On April 5th 2020 we let the train run between 10 am to 5 pm.

Neue Niederflurwagen

Come on over and open the season with us.

Problems to move?

This is no problem. Our new low-floor cars make it easy to get-on and off. You can see this on the right in the image.

There is a bench at the moor station where you can take a break. We are here to help you.

We have reserved spaces for you (directly at the gate) in the parking lot at the bog pool. You reach the train barrier-free.

What you are used to...

We have prepared drinks and small treats as usual.

Swamp guided tour

MoorführungAs so often, we conduct a moor tour from the moor station. The moor guide will explain what to see here. We don't want to reveal any more. Please bring sturdy shoes to participate.

How long takes a round trip?

A round trip including a moor tour takes about 45 minutes.


See you soon


Moorbahn Team

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