Weihnachten 2020

This year has been a very much different years as we all ever experiences. Please follow governments guidelines and resommendations, its for all our best. Then we will meet eachother soon again on one of our tours. Please remain helathy and lets look forward all together.

Some of our team members have dressed up a St. Clause and wishing you Merry Christmas 2020 and properity for 2021.

We work further in our area at different places in "Hamanns Sumpf"  (Hamanns Swamp) for example at the new track and other places to preserve nature. We are maintaining some swamp ponds and trim other places.

Please click on the image to emlarge it.

* Pics to the new track follow later, come back from time to time. We look impatiently forward seeing you all again.

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