• MoorbeckenMoorbecken
  • Zugewachsenes MoorbeckenZugewachsenes Moorbecken
  • MoorbeckendammMoorbeckendamm
  • RohrkolbenRohrkolben
  • Moorbecken 1Moorbecken 1
  • Zugewachsenes BeckenZugewachsenes Becken

The bog of Bad Bramstedt is located a bit South of the city, just outside towards Schmalfeld. Hamann's swamp, as the bog is also called, is located between two small rivers, the Ohlau and the Schmalfelder Au in the middle of a forest. The nearby spa area with the clinics obtains the natural material directly from the moor for the mud bath applications.


  • RohrkolbenRohrkolben
  • Bahn und MoorBahn und Moor
  • Sonnentau 1Sonnentau 1
  • Großes MoorbeckenGroßes Moorbecken
  • MoorbeckenMoorbecken
  • Abendstimmung im Moor Bad BramstedtAbendstimmung im Moor Bad Bramstedt
  • Sonnentau 2Sonnentau 2


The natural bog was divided into 23 pools at the beginning of commercial use for the clinic. The dams created in this way were used to transport the bog out of the bogies on rails. After using the bog, the natural substance came back into an unused pool and can regenerate again. This is explained and clarified in more detail on a tour of the moor.

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