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    Operational days usually take place between 10.00am to 5.00 pm (Winter 10.00 am to 4.00 pm).
    For groups special can be arranged.

    >  For operational days and other events please click here  <

    Charges for a train ride can be found here >

    Please bring solid shoes and cloth for rain (if applicable) since the cars are not covered.


    Special trips and special dates

    > Visits to the moor are possible at any time by arrangement, from a group of 10 people and up with an accompanying person. A train ride is also available for these events. Cost: 6.00 euros per person and for the provision of the train 30 euros basic flat rate switch (this includes that the train driver drives 1h to the train and a 1h prepares the train with the locomotive, as well as 1.5h for dismantling and return trip - no more than 100 people this basic flat rate).


     Family and company parties

    > Visit us as part of your family or company party and enjoy a leisurely ride on the spa railway in the moor. We are also happy to offer a guided moor tour.



    Please contact Christian Stockmar  Tel. +49 (4191) 860 8003 / Tel mobile: +49 (179) 2614652

    or feel free to fill out our contact page