In 1998, Andreas Knopf acquired the remaining rails and rolling stock. First, it was intended to make the course run as a museum-industrial course and as an opportunity for patients of the rheumatoid clinic. A year later, the track was named "Wald- und Moorbahn".

In 2002, the support association founded "Förderverein Deutsche Feldbahn e.V". The association's members have put a great deal of effort into renewing and maintaining rails, changing tracks, locomotives and carts. In 2005, the 1950 engines underwent a total engine repair.

In the years 2009-13 opetration was almost stopped, as the sleepers were rotten in many places.

In June 2013, the restoration of the rail network was completed so that driving could be resumed. Since then there has been regular operation on the course and the number of members of the association has increased. 1400 m of rails have now been laid.

Expansion of the track's rail network is still planned and for this purpose a publicly supported development project has started. The TALIT project (Technology, Work, Landscape and Industrial Culture) is described here.

The operation with visitors offers an insight into moss nature and culture. The proceeds from ticket sales and gifts are used for the operation and further expansion of the course.

The management of the course has been taken over by Andreas Knopf from 1 June 2019. Many volunteers participate in the maintenance of the track and in preserving the nature of the moss for posterity.

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