Are you heating your house with a wodden fire? There is no nicer heat from and fire brining from natural, untreated wood. When working on the damms we get firewood if different kind and diameters. This wood is on sales to heat your home.

Pices come in 1.35 m long staves fitting on most trailer. On request we cut down the staves to 30 cm (1 ft) long pieces for a small surcharge. Pieces with larger diameters need to split up by you. The wood is provided by volume and reaches your fire place as is from nature. We do not sort types and diameters of wood.

Get in touch with us for an appointment to get nature in your fireplace. Please find contact info further down on this page.

Note: The wood is freshly cut and needs to dry before burning it in your stove. Our princible is not to make artificial drying and provide it as is. Nothing is better for nature.

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