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    - Birch wood for sale!


    Do you warm your house or apartment with wood? There is no nicer and more pleasant warmth than from natural wood. In our work on the dams, wood comes in various thicknesses and is available for sale.

    (November 24, 2019: We currently have about 4 square meters of cut wood available for you. The wood is in the moor shed in the dry and is waiting for you).

    What kind of wood is it?

    The wood currently comes from the dams of the bog pools. Together with our nature guide Gisela, trees have been marked here that are not conducive to the bog. We like them or take them out of the pool. The wood is always fresh and of natural good quality. The trees we cut down serve to preserve the bog and then serve as a warming element for you.

    We also remove trees that endanger the route and passengers or trees that endanger people on paths where we take you on guided tours - we always keep an eye on nature and safety.

    We install shrubbery in our Benjes hedge so that 100% of the tree is used. You don't know what a Benjes hedge is? Come by one of the driving days and drive with us. Then find out.

    How do we harvest the wood?

    The wood is processed by hand with chainsaws. The saws are operated with environmentally friendly acrylic gasoline. This is also positive for the operator. Then the wood is transported to the train by hand and finds its way into the shed and finally to you.

    How is the wood processed?

    The wood is cut to 1.35 m and fits the usual trailers. We are happy to cut to a length of approx. 30 cm for a small surcharge. Larger diameters then only need to be split open by you. The wood is provided for you by volume and comes to you in different diameters as it comes from nature. We do not sort them.

    Make an appointment with us and you will get pure nature in your home.

    How can you pick up the wood?

    It is best to bring a trailer on the agreed date on which the wood can be loaded.

    Can you saw your own wood?

    Unfortunately, we do not offer this option. It is a moor area that is not without danger.


    Room meter 50 euros
    cut space meter 70 euros

    Note: The wood is freshly felled and must be stored before burning. Our principle is not to dry the wood artificially, but to hand it over as it comes from nature. We think that is also in their sense, it could not be more climate neutral.

    Wanted: LKM type field engine: Ns2F, 2H or Ns3

    If interested, please contacts is through contacts.