Die nächsten Termine

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    Aerial view

    We did start a quadcopter to raise unusual perspectives from the area for you The first image shows the mud pond opposite to the mud barn with its different plants of higher plants (brown) and lower grass (green).Aerial view of a mud pond

    On the left and right you can see the dams to the next pond.

    We take care of the birches and bushes on the dams together with our nature guide Gisel Oden. She selects the plants to be preserved, the others are removed. This is used for nature conservation and moor conservation on the other.


    On the right you see the rising water in the neighboring pool, which serves the moor.

    Take a nature tour with Ms. Oden and you will learn more about the flora and fauna of the site.


    Lower image:

    We then sent the quadcopter over the moor shed again and took a picture from above. On the picture you can see the tracks with work trucks on the left and the shed in the middle.

    The wagons are used to transport sand and topsoil for track preparation or bog care.

    At the end of the track system there is a turning piece for the locomotive so that it can bypass the shed. The turning piece is hidden behind the trees.

    Aerial view from the top of the mud barn to the rear side

    On the left along the row of trees you can see part of the Benjes hedge. This marks the property boundary and runs largely continuously on the north side of the facility.

    When have the images been taken?

    The pictures were taken on December 28th, 2019 around 10 a.m. in the rising sun. You can see the frost on nature at minus 4 degrees celsius (28 F).